About 33,900

The Global and Australian Road Death Epidemic

33,900 people were killed or seriously injured in road crashes in Australia in 2010. That is an average of four people killed and 90 people seriously injured every day. Worldwide 3,500 people are killed and 100,000 seriously injured every day on our roads. Road crashes are the biggest killer of 10-24 year olds. This level of death and injury is unacceptable.

In recognising the scale of this global epidemic, the United Nations has declared 2011-2020 the Decade of Action for Road Safety. Australia is a signatory to the resolution and has a responsibility to take significant action within Australia, and contribute to improvement throughout the Asia Pacific Region and the world.

33900: The Australian Road Safety Collaboration

Road safety stakeholders in the non-government sector (NGO) in Australia are committed to making sure it is a Decade of Action where we all do more to improve road safety performance in Australia. The sector is also conscious of our responsibility to help our neighbours in the fast growing Asia Pacific Region where 60% of world road deaths occur.

The individual NGOs in Australia have identified the need to improve coordination and action across the sector, to advocate for more action where needed, inform and support Government initiatives and ensure Australia makes an ambitious and appropriate contribution to the Decade of Action.

With this in mind 33900: The Australian Road Safety Collaboration has been established to facilitate greater industry collaboration and to further promote improved road safety outcomes across all sectors.

The title of the collaboration reminds us of the number of people killed and seriously injured in Australia in 2010 and aligns with the framework established as part of the United Nations Road Safety Collaboration (UNRSC). This collaboration reflects the open and voluntary participation of key NGO road safety stakeholders in Australia and coordination with Government. The focus areas of the group also align with the "Global Plan for the Decade of Action for Road Safety" pillars as promoted by the UNRSC.

Purpose and Governance

33900: The Australian Road Safety Collaboration will be the collaboration framework for the people and organisations it represents. 33900 will not be a separate organisation.

The collaboration will provide the links to unite and drive action across the NGO sector. The collaboration will not replace any of the roles undertaken by the individual organisations or members that it serves. The focus of 33900 will be on the following functions:

  • Strengthen: the individual members of 33900 and the activities they do to maximise the individual and combined road trauma reductions achieved
  • Collaborate: within the Australian, regional and global road safety community, to share and disseminate information and support road safety activities
  • Create: greater awareness, public debate and demand for action to reduce road trauma
  • Advocate: for greater road safety action and political commitment including funding and legislative initiatives and accountability for targets that are (or should be) set.
  • Promote: the views of the collaboration and its members and specific initiatives essential for achieving the desired Decade of Action outcomes
  • Enhance: communication and action in the NGO Sector within Australia and as part of Australia’s International response to the Decade of Action for Road Safety action
  • Advise: lead agencies responsible for road safety action and provide links to 33900 members who can provide independent advice to drive good practice road safety